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AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

Any of you guys looking to purchase Apex,Massive Sparky is trustworthy,he's been a contributing member of this forum for some time now,I would have no problem putting my faith in this guy as a rep for Apex
Thanks bro, have spoken with apex about being a reseller bedore posting anything. Im sure when he is free he will come and vouch for me as a reseller.
Yeah it doesn't seem to be working for anyone on there. Just sent a msg to a mate next to me and didn't come through
Having issues with threema this morning. Ive seen a few notifications pop up but then no messages. If I dont get back to anyone try again later.
Send me threema bro will sort it there
Hard to help these guys out,I feel for them but some just new to forum some not so new though no posts or reviews about prior sources or purchases,say been with Oz but nothing mentioned of him in their posts or any other source that we know.

Ay bro im new on here need a source asap got a few weeks left of test and im dry i have threema let me know if you can help me out
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