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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my recent experience (Oct 2023) with AUSTEROID.

I ordered some products of them twice in the past and received them (last one was 2y ago).
However the 2nd time I ordered clenbuterol (yes I know, it's bad and I won't touch it anymore) I barely felt any effects beside some energy boost.
Unfortunately I did recommended them to my brother who ordered some turinabol Etc. 2-3 weeks ago.

Order was processed Etc... Nothing in the mailbox 10 days later so he sent them an email, they said there was no scanning of the shipment so they'll ship the order again.

One week later, still nothing, he sent an e-mail and they said "still no scanning on the re ship, we can't issue a refund or re ship for a 3rd time sorry, we can offer 50% off if you want to re order"

What a joke! They think he's going to fall for it again.

In the meantime he ordered the products from Ugloz on Saturday and just received it (Tuesday) 3 days later 👍👍

I've attached the Screenshot from Austeroid.
Please save yourself time and money and avoid these guys...

I'd definitely recommend Ugloz tho.



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You dont need to tell me and if you mentioned these guys instead of being a smart arse people might have a little bit more respect for you. But doubt it, youve done a pretty good job of letting us all know what youre like
Someone needs to take a chill pill…
This is why UGLOZ is the only source i use or recommen, do your self a favor give em a crack you won't look back. And as for this Spastic300 i hope you fall down a big flight of stairs you fuckin chocolate your the only numbnuts here👊
Here you go again running your fucking mouth. You wont find many approved aussie sources, maybe 2, ozpharm and ugloz. Everyone else is just recommended. Stop hanging shit on people for no reason.
So he was right. Calm yer ass down.
Austeroids have been on multiple scam lists on other forums for years now.
Unfortunately they pray on newbies that don't know better.
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