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Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 73

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New Aussie VIPs: Summer 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Smurfed, past VIP exposed as a scammer:

Approved Aussie sources

For reference, old aussie threads...

I'll never forget the moment they lanced my bite with a 19 gauge syringe in an emergency ward.

Makes me want to throw up thinking about it

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Fuck me bitcoin has climbed heaps recently.
I swear since two weeks ago it has doubled

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Yeah bro sure has. It's great if you've invested as well.. it's something to do with mother Russia accepting blockchain into their banking institutions.. I read it thinking I wonder how this will effect bitcoin.. clearly fkn boom..

Can see it going to the 10k mark ...
I just threw a sneaky $100 into it a while ago and just leave it in there and see what it does.
Kind of fun getting into it all.
Also been flirting with the share market as a guy at work ( who luckily has more disposable income ) is quite schooled on it all

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I read the last thread as, jail bait and 15 year olds... Arhh 15 should be legal. And polygamy... Another girl round the house would be great to pay off the mortgage... Not to mention in the bedroom .

I bought some inner health plus immune booster and sambucol (elderberry extract) sick of having a constant little bit of a cold and pushing gym. Winter sucks dick.
@Harrywho I hardly ever get sick but this year I copped he flu / cold really bad once and oddly at the same time I got an infection from a shot in my quad... never happened before and just seems weird and coincidental.

Maybe immune system was down and it fucked with it.

I'm heading to a chemist today as my stomach still is messed up.

Apple cider vinegar and some lemon juice before meals also as well as actually dropping my total intake down for a few weeks and give the stomach a rest.

Maybe it's the Deca making my digestion shit.. first time using it and almost 10 weeks in

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Woke up late today. Rushed breakfast. Fuck can't stand that. Closed my eyes for 1 min after the alarm. Next minute. 1hr later
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