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Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 74

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New Aussie VIPs: Summer 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Smurfed, past VIP exposed as a scammer:

Approved Aussie sources

For reference, old aussie threads...
Thinking about returning to the natty life. ( obviously wouldn't claim natty lol )

I know it'll be a hard decision but just a conversation I had with an old friend over the weekend made me realise some things.
When they asked me why I do it I honestly couldn't give an answer I felt reasonable.

Unsure how I'll go about this but I'm hoping my passion for training and the lifestyle holds me in good stead.

A lot to think about I suppose

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Conto - it will only remain a thought.. lol

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I posted it last thread, redoing this thread.

So the accusations that were made got me questioned .. if you haven't posted on this thread I'd appreciate it as I still need more support..

Looks like youve had an overwhelmingly positive response so far dude. What more can they want? Surely the focus should now be on the claimants.
Test400 now avail. 300test e / 100prop.

Myself or plat.

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Oh - and prem blend 200 - $90e singles
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