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Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

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Ummm what? You'll remove any proof of them scamming???
Gotta be a typo or a few words missing I think there bud. Hahahaha

No I said I’ll wipe “them” from the forum referring to OzPharmLabs.

Myself and Gearhead have put a lot of effort into this Aussie section and Ozpharm are probably the best sponsor we’ve ever seen here, but in saying that this community we have here is the most important thing to us and we won’t stand for anyone trying to scam evo members including the sponsor.

So just to clear it up if Ozpharmlabs turned out to be scamming people and there’s solid proof of it they will no longer be apart of this forum. Cheers
[emoji3532][emoji3532]IMPORTANT UPDATE[emoji3532][emoji3532]

Hey guys got an important update for everyone regarding future orders through OzPharmLabs.
Wickr is closing down soon so will no longer be available to use, all orders and general questions from now on need to be done through Threema App.
Please direct all questions and orders to one of the sales team below, they are all the same products and prices so just pick one account and stick with it, don’t chop and change or try play them against each other or you will be banned.
If you really need to talk to Ozpharm direct then msg the main account. Cheers

**OzPharmLabs contact details**

Threema ID: RP9527H3


Threema ID: XFXE9B4N

Threema ID: ATR6VD5V

Threema ID: BJ9JB972
Not open for further replies.
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