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Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 87


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New Aussie VIPs:
-BigFranco (Aussie VIP)

BREAKING NEWS: Smurfed, past VIP exposed as a scammer:

*SCAMMERS!!! Syntha Labs -
*AGPharmaceuticals - SCAM BEWARE!!!
*+2 scammer
[*] -

[*] -

[*]CHECK OUT our new Aussie approved sources forum:

[*]Anyone who is not approved = SCAMMER -- STAY AWAY!....

[*]Ozshop is NO LONGER APPROVED use at your own peril -

For reference, old aussie threads...
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Thanks [mention]gearhead [/mention]

Aussies you may or may not be aware of Wickr closing down soon so everything will switch to Threema App, you do need to buy it from the App Store but it’s only a small once off payment and 100% worth it for peace of mind.
If you have general questions feel free to send me a msg on the forum and I’ll do my best to help out, but if your looking to do business with Ozpharmlabs you will have to buy the Threema app.

Also update from our sponsored source regarding this:

[emoji3532][emoji3532]IMPORTANT UPDATE[emoji3532][emoji3532]

Hey guys got an important update for everyone regarding future orders through OzPharmLabs. Wickr is closing down soon so will no longer be available to use, all orders and general questions from now on need to be done through Threema App. Please direct all questions and orders to one of the sales team below, they are all the same products and prices so just pick one account and stick with it, don’t chop and change or try play them against each other or you will be banned. If you really need to talk to Ozpharm direct then msg the main account. Cheers

**OzPharmLabs contact details**

Threema ID: RP9527H3


Threema ID: XFXE9B4N

Threema ID: ATR6VD5V

Threema ID: BJ9JB972
I didn’t get any messages or notifications here since 23 August, wondering why ?? Anyways how’s everyone ?
Nexnos anadrol 50,been running for 2weeks at 50mg,feel like I should be running 100mg,what do you guys think of nexnos anadrol,I recently ran Anavar and had to run it at 100 mg for optimal results,anadrol should be a lot stronger,thought 50mg would be the mark but seems not,for me atleast.thoughts...

how come you're not sharing a log journal with the community? you're a VIP vet in the game seems
how come you're not sharing a log journal with the community? you're a VIP vet in the game seems

Yeah I know brother my bad,had few requests to log my progress though I have a hugely hectic schedule atm and have promised I will start a log in the new year with my next cycle,happy days bro.not long now.
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