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Bad Anavar

Euro Pharmacies 10mg Anavar.

My mom was wanting this, she’s 51 5’3 135lbs.
Dropped 30lbs last year, hard work, protein focused calorie deficit.

She wanted to add some anavar to really show the definition and get beach ready, well… by week 5-6 being in a 1,200 cal deficit she was up 10lbs, with in 2 weeks of coming off she dropped all 10lbs.

I’m assuming this weight she gained was all water since it came off so quick, but did she actually get anavar cut with dbol? My source and some others I’ve talked to thought I was crazy, but I though I read a year or so ago anavar was being cut or swapped with dbol because of cost and supply issues.

First and foremost, regardless of the cost of any material in the supply chain, historically PSL and especially the network EP has always produced lab work with their products, there was even a duration several years ago when the vast majority of sources in the market have all received bad batches of raw TestE, It was easy to see a Domino effect of which sources were all using the same outsource, during that time the network EP was one of the few large enterprises that was affected by this, while 80% of the rest of the market had catastrophic results with that specific hormone, most labs actually did come through and make up for the loss and took care of a lot of their customers which was amazing.

With this being said you can rest assure that EP under no circumstance will substitute or cut corners with any of their products, we strongly encourage and endorse all customers to send in samples for blind testing.

I had a particular instance here and this very community where a customer used a crude field testing method with a roid testing kit, due to his inexperience and the flawed nature of these field test kits they came back a different color. I strong encouraged that he send in some samples of the product for testing, he refused. So ultimately we dealt with the customer the best way we should we shook hands and parted ways.

Several months later he arrived back to the community, not only did he purchase var from PSL but he also purchased some products from other verified vendors that are approved here, he sent them all in for testing, his first time ever doing it.
He openly gave us an apology as the results came back superior.

His only regret is that he wished he's done this sooner and talked to my advice prior, along with never using the crude field testing kits to begin with.

EP has numerous lab results on this specific product, and numerous customers have sent in samples for testing. This is our bestseller.

For your mother's instance, bear in mind that just because a specific hormone is favored and said to produce certain desired results, not everyone will experience that, we are dealing with hormones at the end of the day, if you read the leaflet that comes with this specific hormone from pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that give this to their customers via prescription from their physicians, some of the side effects will include water retention.
This is a hormone, hormones can act slutty in certain environments, different enzymes, different cellular chit chat and other initiations with activations and deactivations with numerous enzymes and sleeper cells can take place.

If someone experiences one side effect, You can't by default point the finger and say it's mimicking another hormone and it must be a different hormone.
That is not a conclusion or an analysis, that's merely speculation and that does not conclude anything.

If she's experiencing any unpleasant side effects, it's not out of the ordinary or unusual to happen and she very well may need to reconsider her approach and not use any hormones period. Using PEDS is not a guarantee or a one-size-fits-all..
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