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Baneypip cycle check

Thanks for all the info. I will get started next week.( and log it!😉)

Naps gear is where I got my supplies. I saw ppl mentioning the GW I forgot to add that I did go ahead and get the Gw from umbrella it’s the poly cell formula.

So one question I have is I got kind of a range of advice on eq dosage. I was thinking of running 600mg instead of the 400 i mentioned, but I saw a suggestion of 300 instead. Any one have any reasons for this variation? Most of my research shows 600mg being the typical dosage. I appreciate any info

Also I was going to utilize the “Zone” for this cut because I’ve used it before very successfully, and it’s easy to follow if you end up away from the house or whatever May come up over the 14-16weeks. Unless someone has a suggestion I could check out

600mgs equipoise do it if you want to be in the zone. I don't see the problem. Let's start the LOG.
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