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Barry Bonds Steroid Use exposed


<b>Leader of the Pack</b>
I bet everyone here has heard of Barry Bonds and his steroid use. But, how many of you have wondered what steroids he took and what he cycled to become the best baseball player in the world? Well, today is your lucky day, we're doing some speculation about the Barry Bonds steroid cycle, read below and comment: (keep in mind this cycle has a modern twist)

Barry Bonds Steroids:

bro IMO barry bonds was hitting a ton more steroids than listed in the cycle and probably some HGH heavy use...
Just looking at his physical changes it's obvious he was on some good stuff. He had amazing power, and the season he broke the home run record said it all. Juice or not, he was a great ball player. The steroids may have gave him the power, but you can't take anything away from the fact that he was a great ball player
Was a hall of famer before he gained 40 pounds but whatever the man can still stroke it
This is hilarious , I love how n2gaurd was added in there ,lol. The one thing we know he used was hgh. His hat size grew quite a bit from the beginning of his career to the end .
I doubt he was using tren, as an athlete that just seems like a poor choice.

HGH on the other hand definitely.
A great athlete just becomes a better when they get stronger (drugs or not). Makes a good argument for how important strength is...
A great athlete just becomes a better when they get stronger (drugs or not). Makes a good argument for how important strength is...


What can you expect though with all of the athletes juicing. If they want to stay competitive they have to cause damn near everyone else is (generally speaking)
Never would've guessed oral tren. Kinda dumb

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They get drug tested so they use fast acting short esters, besides pills & capsules, there are gummy steroids(like gummy bears) & paper steroids even fast dissolving strips(like listerine breath strips) these clear the body in a few hours so they can take these up to two hours before the game ends. Because they have been tested after games.

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all of those guys should be off the home run list. they were on so much gear, wasn't even funny.

they could of competed as bodybuilders if they dieted right and changed their workouts a bit. tanned & posed. they all were bad
I believe he also had a sample that had nandrolone. So that would make it thg, nandrolone, methenolone and some type of test. Plus clomid as well.
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