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Please share your reviews, discussion, and ask any questions about Basicstero - The Direct Pharmacom Labs Store!

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Last edited: and Pharmacom are G2G last 15-20 years I know this brand well.
I keep getting moderation hits on me lol. Come on admins let me post. + Pharmacom = AMAZING
welcome to our family we support you
Hello everyone.

Pharmacom Labs strives to have the highest quality products; in addition, the highest level of integrity is just as important – all results and information is shared, not just the results and information that make the brand look good.

It is always easy and fun to share all the positive news and promote the brand, but it is also important to keep everyone well-informed even when results are not perfect.

Pharmacom Labs and the Basicstero store are committed to the highest quality, which includes transparency and being honest with customers.

As “PHL Official” has posted on another popular board, recent analysis results have helped Pharmacom Labs find a problem in production and details about this situation will be shared as they become available.

Don’t worry – products are all completely safe and high-quality – there is no major issue and no problem with sterility or safety – just some results did not meet expectations and management is exploring the issue and working with the production department to determine the details.
Corrections and improvements will be made.

Please keep in mind the fact that these testing results were private, paid for by the source, and done on anonymously labels samples (each sample simply had a unique identifier number know only to the source).

With that said, please consider the fact that the source could have chosen to only share some results, or easily have made up excuses, or even hidden what each sample was supposed to be (any story could be made up about each sample to cover-up for any result such as “it’s a new formula we are testing” etc.).
However, instead of that, the choice is to openly share all result as they truly are.

Pharmacom Labs is sharing all the results, not just the best results.

I hope this level of integrity and honesty will mean something to people and be respected.

Pharmacom Labs is committed to integrity, quality, and the dedication to continuously improve whenever possible.

• Analytic Testing Results of Pharmacom Labs Products (concentration, purity, quality):
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The following comment (image below) about Basicstero was recently posted by a customer on another popular board -- he makes a good point.

Also, Basicstero management has stated (image below) that batches that fell short of expectation will be removed and new batches will be improved.

Although some of the results are only a little bit outside of the industry's typically acceptable +/- 10% label (263 mg / 300 mg = ~88%), Pharmacom Labs addressed the results and is doing the work to improve on these recent results.
Future 3rd-party testing is being planned and we all look forward to seeing more results.

As previously mentioned, I hope this level of integrity and honesty will mean something to people and be respected.

• Analytic Testing Results of Pharmacom Labs Products (concentration, purity, quality) can be found at:
Nice TD with photo! in the post quoted below :)
I really like Pharmacom. The recent promotion was too good to pass up. 3 weeks to deliver from international warehouse.

What's funny is that they included 50 tabs of turinabol 10mg for free! I guess that's going in my next cycle, haha!

First time customer. Happy customer!
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