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BCAA's and high blood pressure


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Hi everyone, I'm looking to get the right supplement for weight loss, BCAA's are highly recommended, my problem is that I suffer from high blood pressure
and I was wondering if this can be risky and cause me any health problems, thank you.
Bcaas are going to affect blood sugar levels and serotonin levels if you take too much. People use it for sugar cravings or muscle sparing supplement during a workout. I highly recommend fish oil for heart health. Weight loss is going to be cardio eating healthy training good. Eating vegetables as filler to help with slowing digestion that's your way to low weight. Hope this helps. Eat good vegetables.

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BCAA won't do anything for fat loss, so I would not spend my money on BCAA's with this goal on my mind. If you want something effective for fat loss, consider Cardarine GW or SR9009 - they will do a great job with noticeable results, and yet there will be no side effects at all.

Regarding blood pressure and heart health, BCAA's won't affect you as long as you take them in reasonable dosages, and even then you would need to highly overdose the BCAA's in order to get any minimal side effect. Fish oil is indeed once great supplement for the heart!
Here's the thing - most people take 10 or maybe 20g at the most. That amount, as is, will not push your BP to unhealthy levels. The truth is, as per a 28-day water diet video doing the rounds, it's other crazy stuff - say using BCAAs all day long or in real large amounts that would cause issues.
BCAAs are simply the amino acids L-lecuine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. They will not raise blood pressure and are safe to use by someone who suffers from high blood pressure.

Just be careful because a lot of flavoured BCAA products contain stimulants which DO raise blood pressure and aren't a good idea for someone with high blood pressure.

I would either use a unflavoured BCAA powder or a capsulated BCAA supplement like gear from
the problem is what is being sold are not even plain bcaa, they are just other crap

sold to the naive young guy.

if you want a true BCAA supplement go to n2bm and look at GEAR. pure plasma protein, no sugars
BCAA will do nothing for fat loss. What they can do is help you remain anabolic while cutting. They are useful for example if you are training fasted. They are not going to effect blood pressure though.

What you want to look for as far as fat loss is Cardarine and n2slin.

Remember that fat loss is accomplished by being in a caloric deficit consistently. If you are not doing that then nothing else is going to lose the weight for you.
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