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BCAAs before fasted cardio or not


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I am doing 1 hour of cardio in the morning, just as I wake up. Takes me about 30min to the gym and then I start treadmill. Now I dont want to lose muscle right. Should I be taking BCAAs before my fasted cardio to avoid muscle loss or is this a waste that will lower fat burning? decreasing it.
I may not be 100% on this but with bcaas you're technically not fasting. I don't think bcaas will hinder your fat loss but amino acids such as luceine tricks your body into thinking it has been fed in turn negating being in a fasted state.
This is a debatable topic, but it personally would have BCAAs at the minimum before doing any type of cardio. That's the protocol I always follow. BCAAs do not trigger the insulin release that food does, so it will not take you out of a fasted state. The overall caloric content is extremely low
cardio doesn't burn muscle buddy

however being in a caloric deficit will. so make sure you eat quality food
I think taking bcaa's pre,intra and post cardio is the way to go, as long as you're not consuming a bcaa drink with sugars in it. Cardio can absolutely burn muscle if in calorie deficit, so my opinion is the bcaa's limit the catabolic effect when in a fasted state.
I'm still not sure on this. Leucine I know triggers insulin as well and maybe other aminos, but how much I don't know. More importantly though you aren't going to lose muscle by just doing cardio completely fasted. I believe you really have to try to lose muscle to do it. Especially if on anabolics.

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BCAA's have a tiny insulin response compared to carbs. They taste like shit so you will need to combine them with a diet (no sugar no calories flavored drink). If your goal is to lose fat only (and not muscle) then you have to take BCAA's as they will spare muscle loss while maintaining most of the fasted state fat loss effects. If you want to lose maximum fat and don't mind losing muscle as well then don't take the BCAA's before doing fasted cardio. Yohimbine is particularily effective when used in a fasted state. I take BCAA's, Yohimbine/Yohimflame whatever, before fasted cardio in the morning and the fat melts off 1-2 pound a week even at low digits. Combine with Caffeine, aspirin, synephrine, and Amp-C for even more fat burning synergy.
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