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Approved Log Beavertails 90 day recomp log

I would start increasing the amount of Weights you're doing and reducing the repetitions
well that is a good quality canadian steak for sure!
Yesterday: Push, changed the chest press to a dumbbell press and added pullovers. Not even feeling the tiniest bit sore, gonna go back to heavier weights on the barbell. And maybe add dips. If you had to choose 2 out of 3 what would you choose? Dips, Chest Press Flat, Incline?

Dumbbell Press Flat: 50 x 15,15,15
Dumbbell Press Incline: 50 x 15,15,12
Pullover: 55 x 15,15,15
Military Press: 70 x 15,15,15
Lateral Raise: 15 x 15,15,15
Triceps Pushdown: 80 x 15,15,15
One Arm Triceps Pushdown: 35 x 15,15,15

Today: Pull, didn't have a lot of time, so I skipped the back exercises and just destroyed my arms
Preacher Curls: 80 x 15,15,15
EZ Curl: 90 x 15,15,15
Hammer Curl: 55 x 15,15,15

This week's food prep: Chicken thighs and veggies 14C/35F/61P

Dinner: Chicken schnitzel and coleslaw with garlic mashed potatoes 45F/76C/98P
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