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Beginning a new Cycle Log


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This post is just a preface to the log I will be creating in a few days. I have everything lined up as far as what I will be running and the necessary ancillaries (I will get to that soon). This will be in the same format that I posted my previous cycle log, which seemed to be received very well. I am very thorough and plan to post all aspects of the cycle from nutrition to workouts to supplements used. I will also include pics like last time to show the progress I am making.

This is atypical of me to run 2 cycles so close together, but if you followed my previous log the gear I used in the latter half of the cycle was underdosed and I didn't get the gains I was hoping for. I am back to my previous supplier who, hands down, has the most potent and quality stuff. The purpose of this cycle is pure MASS! I always maintain a slim waist line and eat cleanly year round, so no "dirty bulking" from this guy. I hope to put on another 15-20lbs of muscle in the next 14 weeks and with the products I am using I think it is achievable. So lets get into what I will be doing...

14 week cycle:

1. Test Prop - 600mg/week
2. Tren Ace - 400mg/week
3. Masteron - 400mg/week

These doses are where I plan to start. I go by feel and the mirror. If I think I can handle increased doses, I will up them accordingly. By no means will I be using a gram of any one steroid, not that high but I am one who has done the research and knows what my body can handle, so hopefully the gains will be EPIC!

I want to add HGH at 4-6 IU's a day, 5 days on 2 off. But I have to gather the funds for that so it will have to wait for the time being. I have not used tren in a long time, several years actually but I had a great experience with it running it with test. I also have never used fast acting esters before so this will be a change of pace for me and hopefully for my progress as well. I know that masteron is mostly cosmetic and is actually less anabolic/androgenic than test but my bf will be low enough to see the results it produces. And, I have never used it before so I want to see just how I react to it. Stacked with these compounds I here it really shines.

1. Arimadex and Aromasin - Arimadex 0.5 mg q 2 days to start. Not going to use both obv but will start with arimadex and based upon E2 conversion I will either up the dose or switch to Aromasion. Arimadex stops about 30%-40% of E2 conversion while Aromasin stops around 90%-99% conversion. So I don't want my E2 crashed at the get-go, that's why I am using Arimadex first.

2. Caber - 0.25mg 2x/week. This is used to balance any prolactin issues I may develop. My last tren cycle I did experience some lactation and sensitivity but I'll be honest I didn't run any AI or caber, so I am much more prepared this time around.

3. Sildenafil - 50mg q 2 days preworkout. This is something I recently started just to give it a try and I am loving it. I don't use it everyday as to not develop a tolerance but the pumps last about 2 days anyway. It's the best preworkout pump product you can get. Forget about the supplement company products. They will never touch the quality and purity of FDA researched meds.

4. Arachadonic Acid - 2100mg each day pre workout. This is another great preworkout supp. It takes about a week to work but once it does you know it. The synergistic effect you get when combining it with sildenafil is amazing! It borders on painful, but come on, we thrive on pain as lifters. It keeps you full all day. The number one side effect is soreness. I def feel the DOMS effect after my workouts but its a good feeling. If I'm not sore post workout, it means I didn't work hard enough in the gym. I recommend you try it.

5. HCG - I used this for the first time during my last cycle. I started it around week 10 and ran it all the way through to PCT (it was a 16 week cycle). It helped combat any atrophy I was experiencing and the 3 doses I took the first few days of PCT really helped jump start the process. My most recent PCT, which I just finished this week went extraordinarily well. Best one yet. This was my 4th cycle ever and I kept 80% of my gains. I still look very full and thick and I know its bc of how successfull my PCT was. I had no libido or ED issues. Basically, I want to use it again but since I am only running a 14 week cycle, I'm not sure if it will be needed. If I do run it, it will be at 500IU's each week.

That's basically it. I know my posts are longer but that's bc I want to divulge as much clean and objective information as possible. My number one concern is always the health of myself and my clients. I hope you all enjoy the log and keep up with me each week. Of course, any suggestions are welcome, just leave a comment and I usually respond within a day.

Thank You,

Glad to hear of the new log! Can't wait to see the results you get!

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Are you going to run Bloodwork before starting this New Cycle.
The reason being, is to monitor Liver and Kidney Function, plus Cholesterol Values, & all Hormone Levels................... JP
You want to make sure that you are OK, in all these area's.
At this point I don't have an appt set up for baseline bloodwork. I am having a small procedure done on my left shoulder hopefully in the next week or so. After that I will schedule my bloodwork appt. I will only be in the first 2 weeks of the cycle so hormone levels shouldn't rise dramatically in that time nor should there be any end organ damage. With Tren you never know, so it's better safe than sorry. That is why I am running moderate doses to begin. Even my test is lower than I normally go. I typically use 600mg per week but just trying to keep the pinning schedule simple and easy for starters.

My main concern regarding bloodwork would be to make sure I am recovered from my previous cycle. I can tell you, I feel great and am not experiencing any post cycle side effects like loss of labido, Acne, mood swings, etc. It's not as strong a confirmation as bloodwork but its the next best thing. My last cycle was 16 weeks but like I stated before the last 8 weeks I used a different gear source and his stuff was way underdosed and possibly even total bunk, so I think I've been steroid free longer than just these past 4 weeks. That's why I am running this cycle back to back to hopefully build the muscle I originally planned.
Your cycle lay out looks good. I personally don't advocate HCG usage but if you want to use it with your cycle, that's up to you.

In my opinion, aracidonic acid supplements are a scam.

Is it important for muscle hypertrophy? Yes. Will supplementing with it do anything? No.

Arachidonic acid is not an essential fatty acid. Your body can create it from the omega 6 fatty acid linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is EXTREMELY widespread in food and most people actually eat too much of it.
I can say that the first week of taking Arach acid, I didn't feel too much of a change in pumps or soreness. Week 2 and on was a diff story. I absolutely get great pumps each day, almost to the point of similarity to pumps from gear. This is no exageration as you know my background and I keep things as literal and objective as possible. All of the previous supps I tried in my 20's were bogus, yes I fell for many of them and received no benefit. The arach acid is something that works and I plan on taking it for 3-4 months then come off.

You are correct Muskate about the American diet containing too much Arach acid already. Another point of concern is that it is Prothrombotic, so increased doses can lead to clots in patients who are succeptable. Me being young and in great health, I feel like I can take it in these concentrations for a short period to reap the benefits.

I no longer take the random supps all the companies come out with these days. The only things I take are going to be researched chemicals that have a prooven track record and are backed with solid science. Basically, I am going to give my opinion on these supps as I take them. I'd like to try Sarms, IGF, HGH, and few others in the future and just let people know exactly what to expect versus getting it from a commercial website.

I Appreciate the positive feedback about the cycle. Hopefully, it produces the gains I am after. If everything goes as planned Ill be ordering my stuff tomorrow and my guy says its all ready to be shipped so I am hoping by mid week next week to get things going.
Looking forward to the new log. Cycle looks fun to me! I am going to be starting my first blast next week since going the TRT route. This log is always a nice source of motivation.
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