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Berberine Hcl?

Hi. Anyone have any thoughts on Berberine HCL for a 50's female looking for some extra fat loss?

@gymlife4me of course we do :) btw love your log!

I suggest 500mgs-1000mgs of berberine before meals around 15-30min but you should also make sure to use something for absorption like biopeprine. Stack that with fenugreek and cinnamon.

I suggest n2slin X if you have the budget, I have clients on it:

Or you can buy ingredients seperate.

some old threads on berberine
it is good For lowering blood sugar levels
and it helps reverse insulin resistance good supplement for sure
one of the ways it works so well is it slows the breakdown of carbs in your gut
it also decreases sugar production in your liver
why don't you add it to your log that you're currently running
I definitely think it's worth trying
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its a much safer and effective option then using diabetes medication for sure
it will actually turn off insulin release instead of increasing
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