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Best Brand for Testosterone and Anadrol from Domestic-Supply?

Hey guys. I was just wanting to dedicate a question for the best brands to use for domestic supply test propionate and anadrol. Can you all make any reccomendations?
@ToughGuy i just responded to your other thread about Napsgear vs Domestic-supply , go check that

on this thread, I suggest you go with trusted brands Greg supports like Pharmacom or Ultima, I see on the d-s page he has a few good brands up even sixpex is reliable so anything Greg has on the site is legit and golden
i would go with what you are looking for and see what brands are there
My favorite brand is Balkan and Greg does have it in test prop...

for anadrol i would go with either pharmacom or ultima but you literally cannot go wrong with any of the brands there
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