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Best fat loss drug?

apps, fat loss drugs, this or that supplement. sometimes we can overthink things
first step is getting your diet and training on point
that costs you nothing and we can help you if you log it
yes it costs you literally nothing to log your progress. Everybody wants to sell you something out there
even if a drug existed that could magically burn off weight and fat you still had to still eat well.
At the end of the day it's all about getting in the proper diet and nutrition
The only rational answer is tirzepatide. The argument that you gain fat back if you don’t change your diet afterward doesn’t change the fact that the new generation diabetes drugs are amazing for weight loss. It’s not even close.
I would attack this one head on and eliminate the sugar. I know that sounds really hard but your taste will adjust in around 2 weeks and you won't crave it like you do now. Get your "sweet" foods in from raw fruits.
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