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Best oral to finish with

Winstrol or anavar to finish up will give you that lean look
I'm just wondering why do you want to end it with just an oral? are you going from that to PCT or to testosterone replacement? if you want to end it with an oral I would suppose you would choose a more anabolic or I wouldn't choose something like dbol or anadrol. those types of drugs you do not want to end any cycle with you really want to stay on some other stuff after you stop those orals because you tend to lose a lot when you stop those if you stop everything. maybe some Winstrol tabs, perhaps I don't like anavar for men I really don't. I was thinking superdraw because doesn't hold a lot of water it's a cleaner drug but it's very powerful too. I'm not positive though it's a good question I guess I would choose something like Winstrol if that's what I was told to do that I had to do it that way.

Because he read it on a forum. Ask, as you know, how many pros use finishers vs 'experts' on a forum.
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