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Beyond Blue Charity Auction


Hi Fellow Evolutionary members.

At OzPharmLabs we have always believed in giving back to the community as best as possible so we have previously ran auctions before to raise money for charity donations.

Beyondblue is a charity that we are very supportive of and personally always donate to them. Mens mental health is something that is still a very taboo topic and probably not talked about enough in some circles. Especially the gym scene.

It is something we would love to see everyone get involved in and appreciate your generosity.

So how it works!

The Auction will end 7pm EST Wednesday 16th March 2022.

The highest bidder will be required to post the picture of the donation to beyond blue on the forum to show everyone they have followed through. Be sure to block out any personal details.

I would ask that @gearhead also watch this to make sure the winner is true to their bid.

Once the highest bidder is confirmed please contact me through Threema and I will take your details and so on.


ANY 6 oils of either brand. (Excludes Primo. DHB. Trestalone)
1 x Oral of your choice
1 x CBD oil.

Happy bidding guys and remember only bid if you are serious and remember. It’s all going to charity.

Many thanks. Oz
Raise it to $250

Done to Pigsy. Please msg me brother and can sort this out. Threema would be ideal or Wickr.

You will need to go onto the beyond blue website where you can make a once off donation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
I'm night harvesting wine grapes tonight, I get this done in the morning and shot you a wickr message Ozpharn💪💪
No worries at all brother.

Thanks for the donation.

Donation done brother. Looking forward to try your products and doing a review Screenshot_20220317_091833.jpg
Just arranged what products I ordered from Ozpharm. I be using these in my prep for competition in October and will do a review on it.
Just recieved my goodies from the Auction. Looking for to using these in my prep for comps in October.
Thanks Ozpharmlabs
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