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4 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

I have been on their proviron with my trt dose for about 10 days and its really been helping my libido. Not impressed with the products packaging but product itself is working as it should. There was a delay in shipment but I was able to get a response from them about it in a timely manner. Package was still delivered about 10 days after funds sent. I will definetley be giving their products a try on an upcoming cycle.
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

These guys are number 1 in every category! They have great quality oils and definitely care about the customer in every aspect! I don't have a single negative thing to say about them other then I have heard the shipping can be slow...but big deal they are well worth the wait in my opinion.
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

BWL, comes correct! Clean, Concise and Consistent! A true asset to this community.
Communication & Ordering process: Made every aspect enjoyable, how simple can it really be!
Delivery & Packaging: Well protected as it should be. Am I the only 1 that loves the way this lab packages multiple vials? Damn Professional is what it is!
Products Ordered: 20ml TEST E and TREN E (multiple 10ml vials), also received extra blend for unexpected delay from super sale------NO WORRIES BRO! Worth the wait!
Product results and effectivenes: Could not pass on this SALE, items are for future use!
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

I have been running BWL exclusively for the past 6 months and I must say there is no need for me to look elsewhere. The oils are smooth, virtually no P.I.P, flows through a slin pin. Extremely happy with this lab.
Communication & Ordering process: Always on point and kept in the loop about everything.
Delivery & Packaging: Typically very fast turn around, the sale slowed things down slightly but was kept in the loop and taken care of because of the delay. Packaging is Top notch, very well designed graphics, discreet, and secure.
Products Ordered: Test A, C, E. Tren E, A. Dbol, Winny, Deca
Product results and effectivenes: smooth, on point, flows through a slin pin and the tren is killer.
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

These guys were always quick to respond to my questions and concerns and even sent me a bonus package for being later than normal.will definitely use them again.. A reliable Source A++ GuysCommunication & Ordering process: Fast Communication even though the package was delayed due to shippers personal family related matters.Delivery & Packaging: wrapped well on both packages. Delivery once shipped took 2 days.Products Ordered: Tren E 20ml, Test E 20ml, AnadrolProduct results and effectivenes: 30% off sale and i've heard nothing but posotive feedback from these guys for over 6months now.
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

Ok - so I am minding my own business cruising the EVO forum when BLAM!!!! it happens, I read a new post from Black Widow Labs announcing a Test E sale: (250mg/ml 10ml bottles for $40 each). Dude - a price like that domestic is friggin cheap! Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes, cause the retail price is cheap and so am I. lol Anyway, I have never been a customer so I drop BWL a note telling him who I have dealt with and who I am friends with and he graciously lets my into the spider's web. HELP ME>>>>HELP ME>>>> (from the movie The Fly). Less than a week later - in my mailbox. BOOM! Have not tried it yet, still in the middle of a test p run I got from D_S. Anyway, BWL has a great product list, communicated with me constantly, provided a tracking number, and did what he said he would do. Good job BWL - - THUMBS UP!!!
Communication & Ordering process: 5 stars - BWL is on point
Delivery & Packaging: Excellent and fast...2 day shipping
Products Ordered: Vials of Test E
Product results and effectivenes: have not used yet

Second order 7/19/14 ordered Winstrol tabs. Got the product before he even collected the money. That is fast!!!
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5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

Communication and shipping are bar none the best. Recent mix up with shipping left me with several bonus goods in my shipment thanks to the wonderful guys at BWL. Tried their test, tren, winny, and EQ. Tren was easily the best I've ever used and winny shredded the hell out of both myself and a close friend. Best underground lab I've ever used, by far, they have one more loyal customer right here. Thanks again BWL.
Communication & Ordering process: Smooth, prompt, and respectful.
Delivery & Packaging: Fast and packaged perfectly.
Products Ordered: Tren, test, winny, EQ - dbol for the future
Product results and effectivenes: Best underground lab I've ever used, extremely effective.
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

Received my Masteron E in the mail. I ordered two but received 3. I'm not sure why, but not complaining. Will update on the product but pretty sure it will be strong, as I've heard nothing but great feedback about BWL. Very happy customer.
Communication & Ordering process: Could have been a little better, but they have fixed that problem. All is good now.
Delivery & Packaging: Perfect
Products Ordered: Masteron E
Product results and effectivenes: TBD
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

BWL is by far the best lab I've ever ordered from. They have quality products and quality people. Will always go to them for tren ace, literally best tren ace i've ever gotten. Their other oils were impressive but that tren ace is the shit. It gave some pip but it was so worth it when it peaked.
Communication & Ordering process: Very friendly, very helpful.
Delivery & Packaging: Had a hiccup with the first order taking alittle londer due to staffing issues on their, they made it right by doubling my order free of charge, which is unheard of. These guys are badass. Packaging discreet as it needed to be, I mean its domestic so it didn't really need to be too discreet.
Products Ordered: Test E, Tren E, Tren A, Test Ace
Product results and effectivenes: The tren E is awesome. Absolutely no pip whatsoever. Same with the test E. The tren A gave me some pip but its gone within a few hours and I can literally feel when it peaks, my favorite product from them so far. The test ace is new to me, so far it has given me no pip but made me alittle gassy, not far enough into using to give a review on effectiveness.
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

I wanted to give these guys a try. Well I'm glad I did. Give them a shot you will be very happy.
Communication & Ordering process: Very good!
Delivery & Packaging: Wrapped very tight. Even a lot of cotton in the orals so u can't hear them rattle around
Products Ordered: Widow Cut/Proviron/A-50
Product results and effectivenes: Still in the works :)
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

Bwl has hooked me up many times and has always righted any wrong. The oil is smooth as silk and the product is amazing
Communication & Ordering process: Quick to respond and very easy to order
Delivery & Packaging: discrete and professional
Products Ordered: Test, tren, mast, aromasin
Product results and effectivenes: A+++
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

I placed a fat order for me and a buddy upwards or 1000. Eveything that came has been awesome communication is dam near instant, love that. Tabs are smaller then I'm used to but seems to be working fine. Also ordered a custom blend only 2 shots in but I'm hoping for awesome results, I will keep you all posted.
Communication & Ordering process: Excellent, A1
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery was on point recieved tracking. packaging was good most had labels but a few without no biggie as long as quality is there.
Products Ordered: Custom Blend of TestP100,TrenA150,MastP200, Aromasin x2, Proviron, Anadrol, Tbol, Winstrol30.
Product results and effectivenes: Only 2 shots in will keep you updated in a week or two.
4 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

I have ordered Test e Dbol Nolva Clomid fast email responds, took about 3 week to get to my place ( domestic ) because the guy had to deal with some serious business at the moment, but since it took a while what did he do? He threw me an Extra 20 ml jug of test, i gave 4 star because im about to try his gear for the first time and see how goodly this stuff if i only hear see great reviews about this product.Wufo
Communication & Ordering process: Comunication varies, sometimes very extremly fast sometimes 1-2 days,order process since he shipped 5 days
Delivery & Packaging: clean packeging, clear too see the gear if opened from the box tho
Products Ordered: Test e dbol nolva clomid
Product results and effectivenes: About to start in 2 hrs
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

BWL is the man, and i will continually say it as a proud customer and buyer. I had to write the review, because not only was he one of the most courteous and actually cared about my needs, he is on top of tracking and shipping! All the above A+++Communication & Ordering process: Responds within 6 hours on almost all occasions. Ordering process extremely easy and smooth. Easier than most sources to be honest.Delivery & Packaging: Professionally packaged, and sealed to ensure that product doesn't break nor does anyone know about the contents.Products Ordered: TEST E/NPPProduct results and effectiveness: A++++++ . Started today, but i have no doubt about the effectiveness!
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

This lab's standards for themselves are excellent. Every time they've done something below their standard, they've made up for it in some amazing way. They're also honest and will let you know if something is off about a product.When I ordered their aromasin, they actually updated me about their progress in making it.
Communication & Ordering process: they were upfront about every part of this process
Delivery & Packaging: great. In fact, I've never seen so many cotton balls in a bottle of tablets before, lol
Products Ordered: Aromasin, test E
Product results and effectivenes: aromasin is the only AI I respond well to, and this is as effective as the aromasin you'd get from ag-guys or wherever else. other users here have blood tested their Test E and aromasin as well.
1 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

Robo & BW seem to be the top rated from my research so I split the order and got half from Robo and well I ordered the other half from BW anyways. Robo stuff showed in 5 days, BW stuff well it's 18 days and counting. If there is a problem or something comes up and you let me know I can understand that and its not a big deal. Finding out 11 days after I've already ordered and paid that it's not even going to be sent out until day 12 is kinda BS. To still be waiting 18 days later well you do the math. I figure I'll edit this in a day or two if anything shows up or to say it was a rip off
Communication & Ordering process: Prdering & payment is simple enough but completely missing on following through
Delivery & Packaging: Wouldn't know
Products Ordered: Dbol, Nolva
Product results and effectivenes: Wouldn't know
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

BWL is awesome! Even with all the delays and porblems that this lab was having when I placed my order, he always responded to my messages and kept me updated on the status. My order took a little longer than expected with everything that was going on. So what did he do..Threw in all kinds of extras to make up for it!! Tha man is a very honest and upstanding guy in my book. I will deff be ordering from BWL again!!
Communication & Ordering process: Great communication and very easy to order from 5 stars
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery was a little slow but I was kept in the loop the whole time. Packaging was some of the best i have ever seen. 5 stars
Products Ordered: Test-e 400 mg/ml and test-p 100 mg/ml
Product results and effectivenes: will update once I try them but I have no doubt that they are top notch!!
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

Just rcvd my bwl test c yesterday to supplement my TRT, PIP, we will se bloods in the spring, prior to this i was 100mg week by RX, now i am doing 100 every 5 days alt between rx and BWL. Shipped fast, packed well G2G!
Communication & Ordering process: EASY!
Delivery & Packaging: FAst
Products Ordered: TEST CYP
Product results and effectivenes: TO BE DETERMINED
5 out of 5 rating for BLACK WIDOW LABS

This was my first ever purchase, very pleased with BWL
Communication & Ordering process: Couldn't have been better. Took care of me well. Usually 24 hours for a email response.
Delivery & Packaging: Took less than 5 days to deliver. Very pleased. Packaging was perfect.
Products Ordered: 40mL of sustanon
Product results and effectivenes: First injection was today. Seemed legit, will update a few weeks from now.
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