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Blah blah 10 years of training at least blah blah

We envy you and want to sabotage you by encouraging you to get diet and training on point and build some experience natural before going to peds? You may eventually need trt so why not start as a kid? You need steroids to look good? Oh the mind of a child. If you can't look good through diet and training alone at 23 there's no hope for you on or off drugs. So what you want, but clearly your brain isn't fully developed yet. You won't get the most out of your cycle as you can't even tell us what you're diet and training look like. You can't put on the effort to even post your particulars some I'm willing to bet the diet and training are half assed which is what your results will be no matter how much gear you run.
The envy thing is the best part. Dude if we're all older it means we've been your age already. Been there and done that. Now if you're rich maybe lol
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