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Blast and Cruising then TRT for life??

What's up guys, I'm looking to gather some information and hear other people's thoughts and opinions on the subject.

I'm 11 weeks into my third steroid cycle. My first cycle I was 22 a bit young I agree. My second cycle was at 27 and I'm currently 28 years old. My first cycle was 500mg test E/ week for 12 weeks second was 500mg test e/ week for 12 weeks and 50mg anavar ED for the first 8 weeks? Maybe I should have done some more research. My current cycle is 350mg test e for 3 weeks 400 mg for 3 weeks and 500mg for the remaining 6 weeks. I started taking 40mg anavar ED at 6 weeks in.

I'm 5'8" 202 pounds and 17% body fat after bulking for 1 year from 165 pounds.
My bench is 315 squat 455 deadlift 495
I've been weight training inconsistently for 16 years but out of the last 16 years I've been training to failure 6x a week for about 9 of them. I also wrestle at 167lb or 181lbs

My diet for the past 11 months has been 3850 calories a day but for the past 3 weeks I've been 'dieting' at 2850 calories. 200g protein 350g carbs and the rest from fat. I haven't really weighed the fat portion though to be fair as I don't have any weight class events in the near future. So on the days I eat ground beef and egg whites I'll have much higher fat than the chicken days.

My short term goals are to be 190 at 12% or less although I really do not feel the best at 11% or less so maintaining 12% would be fine for me.

I have 3 kids so I'm not worried about fertility.

Long story short I don't want to PCT I want to blast and cruise for a while and when I'm a bit older maintain with TRT.

My only concern is regret. I don't know how I will feel about pinning myself twice a week for the rest of my life. I don't mind pinning now but I have no idea what the scar tissue will be like in 10 , 20 , 30 years etc.

Can anyone shine some light on their experience?

you are 29 yrs old and way to young for TRT imo do a proper PCT and stop killing your body. dont pyramid these long esters its just a waste time
You only want to reach 190lbs,you're 181 now,easy,next cycle eat more,train harder,utilise the right compounds.then do that again and your there.dont pyramid long esters,and trt pinning 2× times weekly for life to minimise scar tissue,alternate,there are many injection sites also option of sub q.scaring be least of your worries on trt imo.
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