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Blood groups and steroids

No they don't ~ as AAS elicit a Hormonal Response ~ they do Increase Protein Synthesis.
But this effect seems to be Equal across the different Blood Types.
I've Never seen any Clinical Studies looking at Testosterone's Effect on different Blood Types.

You can have a Reaction to a Specific Drug, as certain Blood Types will be more prone than others.
But there are other Factors that can also account for this...................................... JP
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The theory is interesting, and I would even say worth being studied, but I highly doubt there will be any noticeable difference, because regardless of the blood group, we still have all the same hormones, which affect us in the same way.
Your blood group is identified by antibodies and antigens in the blood.

Antibodies are proteins found in plasma. They're part of your body's natural defences. They recognise foreign substances, such as germs, and alert your immune system, which destroys them. Antigens are protein molecules found on the surface of red blood cells.

There are four main blood groups defined by the ABO system:
blood group A – has A antigens on the red blood cells with anti-B antibodies in the plasma
blood group B – has B antigens with anti-A antibodies in the plasma
blood group O – has no antigens, but both anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma
blood group AB – has both A and B antigens, but no antibodies

Your blood type is genetic. It will play no role on how different steroids do or do not work in your body.
I find all this stuff regarding blood type like "blood type diets" to be complete garbage. Same thing with AAS.....they are going to have the same effect.
As above all types would have had 'test' given to them at some point. I'd like to see if there any (admittedly small) variations. However, I'd be more interested in receptor sensitivity. As I've written elsewhere buddues raved on test (enth) and it seemed to have not much of an effect on me.
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