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Blowout Sale!

Tren base 100 color


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just wanted to know if you provide a tracking number ? I can't wait to try out the stuff and order more if I like it ..
Placed order today. Very easy and smooth customer service! Can't wait to get back on! Any thoughts on 14 week cyp cycle with 4 week dbol kick start and ending it with masteron last 6 weeks ? 15 weeks out from contest. Any input would be greatly appreciated
I have 20, 50ml vials of each in stock and ready to ship. 1 order has aalready been placed.

Test P 200
Test E 250
Test C 250
NPP 200
Deca 250
EQ 300
Test Sustanon 300

You can also mix and match but will pay the higher amount.
.....DO you have any of these left that are ready to go out?
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