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Approved Log Body Recomp Cycle Log

You might have missed it in previous post. I am on trt 180mg to 200mg test cyp a week. and i will be adding more protien. i just dont want to add to many calories to fast. and i will look into the psyllium husk.
some one suggested taking a small dose ai. what do you think?
@Busted_Not_Broken my bad I did miss it bro, with this dose 200mgs we need to do aromasin 5mgs 2x/week to start off, as your E2 will keep spiking as aromatase enzyme gets more active

aromasin 5mgs mon/thur
get it from fast domestic Greg is good people
I finally got the rest of my blood test back today. looked pretty good. need to get hdl up. my aic looks high but i have already been working on that. also i only got a couple hours of sleep before this blood test.
That's fucked up
Got my off dat fasted cardio done. Also added a couple new supplements to the stable. Did a test run yesterday. Managed to get a full 8 hours of sleep so fingers cross this will be my fix. Also cut down caffeine in the afternoon


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caffeine will still affect your sleep even if you drink it earlier in the day
so that's why you're having trouble sleeping
not a bad product at all
it has some good ingredients in it
Sleep Quality is important
I've always never eaten close to bedtime at least two hours
Lots of guys have adjusted things when it comes to sleep
you need to be open about doing the same
Lots of guys have adjusted things when it comes to sleep
you need to be open about doing the same
Iam definitely taking steps. I'm trying to include them all. I'm even considering stepping down from my position at work. I'm not trying to hide anything from any one. I'm trying my best to post everything. I definitely think I'm going to start logging how much sleep I get every morning.
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