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Approved Log Body Recomp Cycle Log

Last meal


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@Busted_Not_Broken protein still 150s lets push to 180s and get fats up and fiber up
you add psyllium husk?
@Eddie Haskell The reason that my protien is always around 150 to 160 is because my lean body mass is around 145 to 148 according to my scale. I think its probably right because since ive added calories last week and am eating 1900 on my lifting days. Ive quit losing weight. according to my scale by maintenance is 2080 calories. pretty much stuck between 210 and 211 but i probably should note that i also have been in a class room all week too. as far as the psyllium husk i just havent been anywhere that has it. if I add 30 grams of protien thats gona cut way into everything else, it will make protien 50 percent of my calories. from a satiety stand point i feel like that will be counter productive. especially when it comes to sleep.

im just tired of being fat. i want to lose this as efficiently as possible.
glad you got some pictures up

you got a good frame, just have some excess tire to get rid of then watch out!
this is going to be an Epic log I have a feeling
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