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boyfriend has super high libido on steroids :)

my boyfriend came to me wanting to use steroids and at first I was against them
but it turns out to be one of the best things ever for our relationship
he has sex with me all the time now like three times a day and I can’t keep him off of me
it makes me feel good to be wanted this is the first time of my life a guy has actually liked me
I’m not a blond petite girl
I’m a big brunette
so it’s nice to get this type of attention from a guy
for those of you wondering out there who are female if it’d be okay to have your boyfriend use steroids I say go for it and support them
steroids have literally saved our relationship I used to get it from a couple guys at work because my boyfriend wouldn’t put out
this is tooo much!!!!! BIG BRUNETTE!! BM you get this lizard off a tanker bro????
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