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bp control

Think you're good w/ any reputable chem source.
Ag guys- heard good things
Hardcorepeptides- have used g2g
Madisonjamesresearch-used g2g
Right now madisonjames is doing bogo on liquids-can get same or different liquid. Pay for the one that costs most and in comments section on order form tell them the liquid you want as the free one
Not sure.....I just learned all about Cialis from AnalogMan.....It might be a good post or question for Source section of EVO?
Id like to look into the htcz. Thinkin better than ciali? Or both together. Dont have bp problems at all only on dbol other than that really low all the time. So no exp with bp medication. Where can i get the htcz?
I normally have low bp for my age and size so I'm not sure if those garlic pills are causing a placebo effect or not
Email I got recently. Bogo isn't listed on site. Gotta follow works I got bogo this week.

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