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Bros I got a Turinabol Side-Effects question


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I'm looking to run a cycle of turinabol to add mass and I have heard and many people say this is probably one of the AAS that causes male pattern baldness, for those here who have taken it before what would you recommend to avoid hair loss during the cycle?

I realize there are other steroids that don't cause hair loss, but turinabol seems to be the best one I can use for Recomp and maybe Primo but I just want to run a couple of short oral cycles and not inject if I can avoid it.
I've seen some good reviews online for N2shampoo but other bros on steroids saying it basically is like a topical finasteride that blocks dht and androgens at the scalp level... That sounds interesting and I will probably use it, but I still want to use Turinabol unless you guys have any good ideas for on other steroid s that work like it for recomp and are orals... yes bros I know about Primo...
Primarily anabolic steroids like tbol, anavar, deca etc. are actually pretty easy on your hair line.

I have researched hair loss from steroids extensively. Using any steroid will speed up hair loss. It's inevitable. How much it speeds it up and how fast you loose your hair is dosage dependant and largely based on your genetics.

The best thing you can do for hair loss prevention is:
1. supplement with finasteride at 1mg/day
2. Daily use of a good anti hair loss shampoo like n2shampoo from
3. Daily use of a rogaine (minoxidil) spray
I would stay away from finasteride..... that shit is not good. Take a look at the side effects. Can leave you with limp d ick the rest of your life.

I went down this road and took it for about a month. Nearly complete loss of sex drive and hard ons were not as strong. Threw it in the bin and never took it again before it could do any serious harm.

Rather be bald than have a useless dick!!

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What you have been told is only partially true. All steroids will accelerate hairloss, but they will do so at a different rate. Some steroids will be harder on your hairline, whilst others will have minimal effects. The ones that are the hardest on your hairline are such highly androgenic compounds as trenbolone, winstrol, or proviron. Turinabol is actually known as one of the mildest steroids there are in terms of side effects, and it will not cause hair problems.

If you are very concerned with hairloss, you can get some N2Shampoo as a preventive measure. If things will get bad for you, a product called Vichy Decros Neogenic will be very helpful as well for the regeneration of your hair growth. I have personally seen it work its wonders, so I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this product, especially when combined with N2Shampoo.
tbol isn't so bad on the hair as winny i can tell you that

the reason you lose hair on steroids is they metabolize into DHT or are DHT derivatives. DHT fries head hair follicles. i would NOT use dht blockers to combat that because of the nasty sides.
yeh all steroids will speed up hair loss, particularly dht based compounds.
wouldnt use finasteride because of the sides and also a lot of the beneifts from gear are from the dht.
just use the shampoo and suck it up man, your using steroids its gonna happen, it will grow back when your off.
hgh can help hair growth if you can afford it.
otherwise just stay clear of dht stuff.. very hard to do but you could low dose the test and go crazy on deca
Tbol is one of the more mild steroids for hair loss. I would not run it solo though. Especially if you are looking for mass. Oral only cycles, especially a mild oral, will not do a whole lot. You would be much better off to just run test.
At the end of the day you will not be able to stop hair loss I tried for years so slow down loosing my hair . Just shave your head or get scalpe micro pigmentation so you will always have a shaved head look ! Plus I used all sort of products to block hair loss and the years of use have killed my sex drive . So just man up because your going to loose it if your ment to loose it .
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