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Burning nipple sensation

approved source? did you look at the banners on top of the page, all have dostinex (cabergoline)

Also, why aren't you updating your log? maybe if you did you wouldn't have this gynecomastia issue:

We have been waiting on training and diet and nothing.

Ya dude I see the banners, those are the sources I go through. I meant was there a specific company guys liked better than others. Anyways I went through domestic supplies and ordered caber from Sun Pharma.
Logs coming back.
bro nolva right now hit for fastest delivery bro
you are running 3 aromatizing steroids. that is a no-no when it comes to gyno

doesn't matter if you use an AI its too much

Interesting, one of the reasons I chose this cycle was based on an article you wrote about all three of these compounds and how good it works for bulking and how to run the proper AI.
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