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Looking for Pharma grade products?
PM me for more info -Body_enhancements

Plenty of happy customers, I can give you testimonials of happy customers on other forums. Will have user on here post soon.
Express Postage interstate guaranteed, 1-2 business days with tracking

A reliable source for pharma grade, if you want to do it the right way!


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Quick, legit gear .. supplier is right on point .. order in the afternoon had my test within two days .. supplier goes out of his way to ensure you get what you within days and no worries about it held up .. definitely recommend .. lads and I sticking
BEST service - legit got my package the next day. Just made another order. Communication, product and fast delivery. InThank you bro
Great bloke, product is all pharma grade awesome guy to talk to great response time and great delivery time very professional with the whole lot highly recommended.
Hi everyone. I have many years experience at competitive bodybuilding.
Now at 62 , I need to go to that next level .
BODY_ENHANCEMENTS remember the name.
1, genuine products , 5 stars
2, fast delivery, 5 stars
3, very easy to order, 5 stars
4, you know we're your order is with tracking
The name
All your review just posted on here are single post joined yesterday,carries no weight at all,we don't know any of these guys nor yourself body enhanments,trust has to be established.we have the genuine best sources available here on Evo, established and trusted guys, for example,has many rave reviews and many happy return customers.go with quality trusted labs Evo lads
Hi mate,

That's because I neglected this post and yesterday I sent out some emails to my most recent customers to write some feedback on this post and they have. Please email me on [email protected] and I will be sure to prove to you. The service and the product is legit. I can show you thousands of emails of customers receiving there orders.
I genuinely like to help you. Send me an email, once proven you can write back on here and share your experience yourself. Thanks

Honestly, the service is genuine, its no BS.

Please let me send you some free product as a kind gesture, free, I want to prove to you its not UGL garbage that is in the Australian market, by trusted sources and labs your still referring to UGL underground or homemade labs. I have products like Bayer, Pfizer, Sandoz etc. It is unheard of anywhere else to have a supplier like me. You will only get 10ml vials that homemade UGL, where as I get 1ml pharmaceutical ampules. Even the orals are pharma grade in blister packs compared to guys pill pressing tablets and sealing into a small containers. I know the guys that bring the raw compounds and powders from overseas and batch these themselves and sell between $70 - $160 a vial when it cost them $2 to make. Its disgusting, its not safe, always over or under dosed and you never really know what compound your getting. Even if you do a blood test, you'll have elevated levels, but how many guys are really testing for the compounds. I have reputable brands, guys doing checks, competitors on stage using my products, everything to back the service and will prove to you when I send you product.

Let me introduce you to another stage of good reliable service and product. When your ready, I will post you out an order. Express posted with tracking, receive anywhere in Australia between 1-3business working days.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sorry I couldn't PM you directly, you need 50 or more post to access, if you want to talk in private please email: [email protected]

i was hesitant too trying a new source after getting burnt a few times, i really wanted to stick to pharma grade if possible.. gym mate recommended body enhancements, had a chat for a bit and made some orders - i couldnt believe how good the service is, everything is so fast not just receiving product (sometimes too fast lol) but communication is top notch and prompt which is a big deal everything sorted with no hassle

honestly im pretty bloody stoked i finally found trustworthy source again, even better its actual pharma grade which is a godsend i know exactly what my levels are now

my humble 2¢ 10/10 can recommend, have a chat and you will see
Can 100% vouch for body enhancements.

There communication was on point, order was fast and the product is pharma grade.
They are my go to.

I understand your doubts, please contact me to assure you it is a genuine service,

I mentioned earlier, I neglected this post. I only got some of my customers with the most recent orders to post on here, whom have found me on a different forum and post. So yes, they would of recently created logins to do this. I'll be glad if people like yourself or anyone older than a few months try the service and start posting your experience, rest assure, you will see this very shortly and will remove all your doubts.

As per the hotmail account, nothing wrong with it, if your paranoid about encrypted safety, you can also contact me on [email protected]

Hopefully chat to you soon and make you a believer. In the meantime I would say your missing out!
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Hey Evo legends,can confirm and vouch for Body enhanments,have received package of Bayer pharma grade test,all in 1ml ampules,prompt delivery, communication on point and very professional service,when I figure out how to clip board photos I will post the products,still a tech retard,has an extensive range of pharma compounds, rare these days,so to clear anyone's doubts guys,reach out to Body enhancements,I'm sure you will be more than impressed.thanks in touch soon.all the best guys.
Looking for Pharma grade products?
PM me for more info -Body_enhancements

Plenty of happy customers, I can give you testimonials of happy customers on other forums. Will have user on here post soon.
Local pick up in Melbourne excepted
Express Postage interstate guaranteed, 1-2 business days with tracking
NZ 1-3 International Express postage, 1-3 business days with tracking

A reliable source for pharma grade, if you want to do it the right way!

Sent you an email
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I was very skeptical of this guy offering human grade and high quality international UG lab gear in original packaging but I thought fuck it ,I’ll order some Alpha Pharma test e and see if it shows up…. Well fuck me it showed up alright ,next day delivery and %100 legit product.I’ve used Alpha pharma,Bayer testoviron Pakistan etc before many times overseas and love the quality and confidence that what the label says is what I’m getting.It’s very rare to find these products here in oz ,especially in original packaging,if your thinking of ordering then go for it,this guy is gold.
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