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Buy steroids store has some good products.
Their testosterone is tad underdosed but other then that they are okay
however their customer service is horrible they need to fire whoever is handling it now. they take too long to respond to questions and they are very rude and short with me like they're doing me a favor. I'm the customer and should be treated with respect learn what you're doing!
The forums should be resources of learning in all aspects, from how to use things safely and properly as well as learning about quality of products... if you look through reviews, posts, logs and more you can get answers to all of this and when you do look into it, one constant that is always there is that is always on the list of top places!
Dylan is right my friend. When you go to domestic supply you get what you ordered fast and you know its legit. Top notch gear everytime!!
bros poorly reviewed
many .store domains scam not just him
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