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Cardarine reviews ?


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Just made an order for some cardarine after reading the reviews of the endurance boost and fat loss potential. What are some of your experiences with cardarine? Is it overhyped?
Been on Cardarine for 3 weeks now, it's great. But I am taking it with two other items (letro and nolvadex) so not sure if cardarine alone is causing the effects. I'm 175, 5"11. I've lost a decent amount of side fat and belly fat. Almost have abs, it's insane but I do workout 6 days a week, sauna , and stairmaster for 30-45 mins.

I've been on a strict diet as well, no junk, gram of protein per lb of body weight. Oatmeal, fruits, meat, that's about it. Now energy wise, I don't really see the difference but I never had any issues with endurance so can't be sure.
its my favorite compound period but mind you im a 10 mile a day runner so it obviously makes sense why i love it so much... endurance boost... fat loss... metabolism increase... improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol so yes, definitely there are so many great benefits
I've used it many times and continue to use it. It's one of my favorite things to run. The fat loss effects and endurance is great, but it has a lot of other great health effects as well like lowering blood pressure
i wish i had access to it when i was an endurance athlete years ago. you will notice it working very quick
Definitely felt an improvement in my endurance and and increase in my reps for max rep out’s. Big fan of the stuff. Just not easy to get the legit stuff these days.
Yeah about time cardio became fun! Excited for my order to come in next week!

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When you say almost what is the schedule you use ?

5 months on 1 month off then repeat is what I usually do.
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