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Cardo lovers stand up


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If your Like me and love you some cardio psl has something for you actually 2 somethings that will help you blast thru those cardio sessions, Drop weight and tighten up. Yes you guessed it gw. Psl carries gw501516 and its big brother gw0742 both are great and will help make cardio that much more enjoyable.

Euro-Pharmacies GW0742 "Advance cardio supreme formula" is a new and powerful agent that differentiates from its forerunner - GW501516 Cardarine, displaying greater fusion and biological potency and cardiovascular performance over other PPARs.
Users can appreciated the rapid and extravagant abilities with fat reduction, changes in overall body composition,
getting tighter with muscle density while maintaining "full" muscle bellies.
The results are unmistakable, clearly visible which include greater cardio out-put and the potential
of 20-40% added drive in resistant training within the first few days..
GW0742by EP at PSL is multifunctional, multipurpose and adaptable with any goal and can be applied in conjunction with other SARMS and/or PEDs from PSL.
PSL GW0742 made by Euro Pharmacies works just like any PPAR delta agonist out there. Principally, it can have a double shift/double duty: Turning our fat into an energy source and increasing the oxidative capacity of our muscles. The result is leaner and more dense muscle tissue, fat loss with supreme endurance..
This is why its dubbed Advance Cardio Supreme Formula - by EP at PSL

BULKING (More ideal for recomping and lean mass) See Below
Recomp GW-501515 stacks amazing well with LGD and S-4 and can provide drastic results in such a short duration, although LGD is great for bulking the addition will help keep you full while peeling down without flattening out..
Cutting The BEST combos for this agent is MK-2866,s-4..This trio will keeping you dry,dense and tight during a caloric deficit..Don't fuss or stress the lose of muscle because I assure you this will perserve your muscle and hinder atrophy due to loss of carbs/cals.
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