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Catch-22. Need to donate blood to lower BP, but can't donate blood due to high BP...


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What do I do fellas?

So many things to consider and so many possible consequences.

I used to donate whole blood regularly every 8 weeks or so, or every 16 weeks or so for double red blood cell donations. As many do and are advised to do, I did this to keep my hematocrit at a healthy level to prevent my blood from getting too thick and my blood pressure from rising from blasting and cruising. I stayed ahead of it for a while but honestly I got tired of the whole process and got lazy.

Now my blood pressure is high...averages around 140/90. After several months of trying out medications and dialing in doses with my doctor I am currently on 100mg Metorpolol (beta blocker) and 40mg Lisinopril (ACE inhibitor). This combo is doing nothing and my BP has not gone down at all after several months. I honestly think if I could just donate a pint of blood my BP would go back to normal.

Problem is...I tried to donate a while back when I found out my BP was high. Turns out they reject you and put you on a temporary deferment if your BP is above a certain level...hence my catch-22 situation. They tried to defer me and I made the mistake of telling them I need to donate because my hematocrit is too high. So they put me on an indefinite deferral and put on my record that I have Polycythemia which is a disease that causes your body to produce too many red blood cells and requires regular therapeutic phlebotomies. It took me several phone calls to correct that situation and get it off my record. But now I know donating is out of the question as my BP is too high apparently.

I don't think it's a good idea to ask my doctor about therapeutic phlebotomies either because then I would either have to explain my blasting & cruising situation and open that can of worms...or I could end up with an incorrect diagnosis of Polycythemia on my record which I don't want that either.

TL;DR -> Need to donate blood to lower hematocrit and blood pressure, but can't donate blood due to high blood pressure. Only other option is therapeutic phlebotomies but that would require telling my doctor about blasting and cruising or it would require me to lie and say I think I have Polycythemia (disease that causes your body to produce too many red blood cells and requires regular therapeutic phlebotomies) and end up with a false diagnosis on my record.

Anyone else been in this situation and found a work-around?
go to oneblood website and find a drive near you. they are all over the place.

do some yoga/meditate before going in. eat a LIGHT meal an hour or two prior and hydrate yourself. they will take your blood even if your bp is high, there is a huge blood shortage right now and its dire so they are willing to take your blood unless it is extremely bad and yours isn't that bad yet. i've seen even obese people in there and they are taking their blood, worse case they will have you wait 15 minutes and redo your vitals and try and get you through as best they can.
bros just get some blood work done
you can get some dude to blood let you
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