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Caution when using Xapl


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Placed an order over 2 weeks ago and paid for it. Apparently it was sent but parcel never scanned in at the original post office. Messaged him a couple times over the last week inquiring about tracking and he keeps asking questions he already knows the answers to as a stall tactic. Not sure why he's doing this on such a small order when I place much larger ones with him. Will keep this thread updated but just a word of caution to anyone thinking of using these guys for now
Requested admins to delete this post but since it's still here I may as well update. Got a reply saying he's been real busy and he can't find the order so it hasn't been sent yet. I'm glad I finally received a reply however there was no indication it had since been sent and it's now a week later and I'm once again being ghosted on a day where usually they get back to the messages from over the weekend. Still unsure of what's going on. Will continue with updates
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