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Centrino labs? Yay or nay?

I have had legit Centro Var. They were big green diamond shaped . I have also had bunk Balkan clen. Common to grab a big name and then produce fakes.
I'm on some centrino Orals now.....IMO, real, but underdosed......or I've just been spoiled with awesome stuff in the past
How can you tell if it's real centrino though? I ordered mine before finding this wonderful place :(. The source was in China and I posted pics. LOOKS legit, but who knows?

There's authorized sources out there
where you bought the fake centrino labs? tell me the source you tried. you def bought from the fake supplier.


I bought some products 'Centrino lab' ,
injectable : Nandrolone, Testosterone C, Primobolan, Boldenone undecylenate and Boldenone acetate,
and oral : Anadrol.

All come in packing with holograme, i needed just your opinions
I have get some picture in the old time for some forum.

Thanks for your helping,
Centrino labs tried making an appearance here in Aus a couple of years ago if memory serves me right, was G2g for a while apparently
You guys think centrinolab is good to go? Just stumbled across them. Want to make sure they are legit.
I just ordered from him 2 weeks ago and got burned 500.00 dollars doesn't return emails it's a scam. I would quite lifting before I'd use them again. Has anyone else got burned from them?
Centrino labs

I just got burned from them for 500.00. It's been 2 weeks no replies to email and no shipment
Got my order after threatening to blast them on the forums and it was wrong sent cheap shit instead also All products on this site are fake had blood work done after using there products my test level was 17 when it should of been well over 1000.
some peanut in aus is selling this for 170 a vial, claiming its top shelf shit, i think ill be steering clear..
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