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Clenbuterol - Cycle Experience?

Yeah. It’s hard to know exactly what the lethal dose is because we can’t run tests and kill people for science, but people have died as low as 3.5 mg/kg, and it’s quite often fatal above 10 mg/kg. The usage dose is like 4-8 mg/kg, or it was when I was younger.

Obviously, everybody has a different risk tolerance, but for me it was always too sketch.

Oh yeah I agree. Only the hardcore should dabble in these kind of things. I wouldnt recommend any females to take it either. Only single people should take those kind of risks.

I'm going to try Clen for the first time. Picked up two packs of Pharmaqo Clen from D-S. Guys at the gym are saying all I need is 20mcg a day consistent and i'll see fat loss with minor side effects and to never go above 40 mcg. I'm seeing cycles online going way over 100mcg daily on various websites.

Anyone here have experience with 20-40 mcg of Clen at 10 weeks?

I want to stay low dose to minimize sides.

Will be running this along with TRT of Test at 200test cyp a week.

As always, thanks!

Id start at 20mcg and run that for 7 days increase to 40mcg after 7 days you wanna take to 60 go ahead stay there for 14 days then ramp back down same way you came up. extend the highest dose as long as needed to run for desired length of time but ramp down same way you came up.
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