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Combat sports athlete looking for a cycle! Need advice from experienced people here

Okay guys I wasn't familiar with the log concept. I haven't started the peds yet but I will start a log from today.

It will include, my training for the day, calories and macros, Bodyweight and calories burned in a session calculated through Polar H10 HR reader. After a week I'll start the desired cycle and keep everyone updated through the log.
@Wannabenatty waiting on your log lets see it
If you don’t mind injecting, use primo instead of anavar. If you keep primo and test levels about equal, you likely won’t need any sort of estrogen control, and primo is going to be lower side effect than var.
I run primo 1:1 with test right now have been on 6-7 weeks now zero estrogen issues or skin issues been a super easy clean cycle 200/200 a week.
Great job on the fat loss so far man!!! I would probably look into SARMs instead of steroids. They will be better for your goals and your current condition.
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