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Contest prep 16 weeks out test/primo/mast/tren/winny thoughts

make sure you use approved sources
i know you are in australia but the rest of the guys know ugfreak is the contest prep source of choice

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we have people competing right now doing logs
check those out it's a wealth of knowledge
Bros timing will be critical
doing a log and letting us help you step by step is better than hiring 20 coaches
First contest prep 16 weeks out, already quite lean and vascular, done a decent amount of blasts so far. Currently on cruise test e@180mg stats around 102kg 5'10 10% bf age 29, was planning on doing;
Wk 1-16: test e 400mg
Wk 1-16: Primo 500mg
Wk 1-16: Mast 300mg
Wk 10-16: tren e 250mg
Wk13-16: winny 25mg ed

Week 10-16: prami 0.5mg
Week 1-16: armidex 0.5mg

Have read some people need an ai when taking primo/mast and some people don't, so I'm taking one just incase. Also couldn't choose between primo or mast and did some research, sounds like it's a personal opinion, very strong opinions either way, so both sounded like a good idea as I've acquired both anyway. Thoughts on this cycle? It's my first contest so want to go reasonably hard, been gymming for 13 years very consistently with a mix of alot of powerlifting and some bodybuilding, don't take breaks for life events gym never stops, so planning on showing my best which will hopefully result in wiping the floor at the novice comps
Log coming soon, here are the current pics. Do you think 20 weeks is enough to kill it with my current physique or should I wait till next season in April next year? (I'm from Australia) Terrible angle and lighting but best I could doView attachment 35244View attachment 35240View attachment 35242
Good to see another Aussie here
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