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Controlling Tren Anger Issues

Lower the dosage and rationalize your thoughts before speaking
Hard to say without seeing the whole picture, but dropping the dose will not hurt

Either way, come off week 6-8

I’ve only run tren e and it makes me a little cranky, but I have a temper regardless

Combat sports is the only thing that’s ever worked for me
im not trying to come across as a hypocrite but my goodness the amount of people who run tren. this drug is a horrible drug. i dont care what others say. the side effects do NOT outweigh the benefits PERIOD. the only exception would be if you were about to do a bodybuilding show or a powerlifting comp or something like that. otherwise you dont touch it period. honestly the worst drug ive ever done. half life of tren ace is 72 hours so one shot messes with you for 2 weeks. youre in mental hell the whole time. just drop the drug period.
just 280 Test P and 500 Mast P. Thinking of cutting the tren and mast out and just running Test and Winny for the rest of my cut. Never got the anger like this, but this is also the longest I ran it.

Lower it to 300 or cut it out 100%
drop dose back a touch. have a strong mental will power and overcome or get off
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