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cutting and bulking using testogel and anavar stack


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guys injections are something that are not in my plans for very long time, I just panic when I see needles, I have some anavar for a 8 week cycle for cutting shredding, I would like to use testogel for the bulking phase.... Soooo basically my question is if I can apply it while running anavar 10 what type of results should I expect from testogel, thank you.
results from steroids is dependent on:

1. genetics
2. diet on point
3. workouts on point
4. quality of gear

I really think you need to have all 4 of those to really excel at this game... most guys spin their wheels in fitness cause they do not have those 4.. not even 1 or 2 of those

make sure you buy your var from a legit place.

Approved steroid source link>
My fav sources>
You could run it that way but I really don't like these test gels and creams. They aromatize more than injections, are a hassle to apply every day and let dry, you have to be careful of kids and spouse, way too expensive to use in a cycle, etc. If you aren't ready for injections then just don't do steroids yet. Anavar does not burn fat. It is a steroid and steroids do not burn fat and make you shredded. Diet and exercise is what does that. In your case since you are not quite ready yet, why not just run SARMs? They are all taken orally and don't have the side effects steroids do. They are great tools.
It is impossible to tell what kind of results you will get from gear because there are so many factors involved - genetics, gear quality, nutrition, training...just too many things will affect the results. If you are so weary of injections, and want to use something for testosterone levels, you may as well consider a SARM called RAD140 - it will give quite a good boost in testosterone levels, but without any side effects to be worried about. The best part of it for you is that it is taken orally, and there is no need for injections.
Topical testosterone creams are not near as effective as injectable versions of testosterone. They won't increase testosterone levels in the body to a high enough level to increase muscle in the way a normal steroid cycle would. They are pretty much only good for testosterone replacement therapy.

Topical testosterone creams also aromatize into estrogen much more then injectable testosterone. Injectable testosterone is a much better option all around.

I would just bite the bullet and do injections. It's not as complicated as you think. I explain how to do injections in this video here ->
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