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Cycle advice with 8 week Test/anavar/tbol


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Hey yall,

I am a bit new to this site, but so far loving the info you can get here. I know there has already been numerous threads on var/test ,tbol/test cycles, or all three. However, some personal advice is always nice. Anways I have not dabbled with Test yet, but I plan on running test phenyl-prop at around 400-500mg a week. Being my first cycle, should I start out at 400 or just run 500mg the whole way through? Also I really don't know the best way to run the tbol and var. I'm considering starting with tbol and briding into var at week 4. The options I am considering are as follows:

Option one: Run tbol first and bridge into var
Option two: Stack the two starting out at 40mg of each and progress to 50-60mg each
Option three: Stick with one and run it to the end

I'll have aromasin on hand for my ai and think I may run 12.5mg everyday just to be safe, bc I do have a little bit of gyno( cant see it, but I feel the lump). Currently taking raloxifene to reverse that crap before it becomes permanent. Pct will consist of clomid and nolva because I want the fasted recovery. Think ill run osta at 10mg in pct as well.

Okay now for some background info on me. I know I will probably get flamed for this, but I am only 21 years old. Been training natural since 13-14 years old consistently all the way until my 21st. I had a solid foundation because I trained about 6-7 years natural. I then experimented with lgd and msten and believe I got rebound gyno from that combo. Used nolva pct, but it may have been bunk/underdosed (southersarms). Anyways I am very excited to try a real steroid for the first time, especially testosterone, because that was what I wanted to do for my first cycle. I just did not know how to get it. My current stats are as follows:

Age: 21
Weight: 188-190
Estimated fat: Around 7%
Bench: Havent maxed or been able to lift heavy all semester due to not having a spotter but last max was 355
Squat Max: Ive been able to get in the 300's, but due to back problems and not wanted to go heavy(see no need to) Idk what I max anymore
Dumbbell shoulder press: Was able to rep the 110s without a spotter for 5-6 reps, but now only im down to the 100's at that rep range
Arms: 17.5 (can get them bigger, but kinda stopped training them directly because they grow too much and I am working on proportion
Calves: 16-16.5inches...been hitting them hard but genes suck. I plan to brings these to the same size as my arms this cycle
Quads: ? nothing crazy haha

Expectations from this cycle: I wish to lean out more, widen up, and get a dense quality aesthetic look.
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I would choose option 3, but I would say like most of these sites will advise for your first "real" cycle, stick with T only to see how you do. What sides you encounter, etc. It sounds like you're a solid mofo for being 21 and natty (mostly).

I think what you SHOULD be asking, is if you choose 1-3, what AI, SARM, PCT, etc. you should be running too. Like you said you already had gyno. I don't really care how much you gain, that's a side nobody wants to fuck with. Good luck to you, there are some AWESOME people here who will chime in after me. Listen to them like the gospel. They aren't lying or "estimating" they are telling you from experience. Listen and learn, or ignore and learn. Either way you're going to learn a lesson, hopefully it's not at the expense of your own body.


I know test is probably all I should do at my age...I just really want this cycle to be dramatic, so I can be happy with myself for a good while haha. Plus I will shut down my testosterone regardless, so it really wouldnt hurt to add var or tbol because I should have to worry about them agitating my gyno. As far as keeping gyno at bay I plan on using aromasin every day at 12.5 mg- from the start all the way to the end of pct. My limit some gains, but like you said gyno isn't something to take lightly. Furthermore, I will continue my raloxifene all throughout the cycle to kill/ keep gyno from appearing. Pct will be nolva, clomid, and an ai.
bro you're already looking good...let me ask you...why dont you start with a sarms run, push that into an anavar/tbol run and bridge with a sarms run...basically back to back without having to hit test or anything heavy at your'd get awesome results...
I appreciate that, been working out many years consistently to get here. Well actually that was my first cycle a couple months ago. Started out with lgd and then bridged into msten for a total of 6 weeks. I mean I definitely got results, but idk feel like I would have felt better if I had a test base. If everyone seems to think test is too much at my age, couldnt I just run it at a low dose like 300mg? That way I still have a test base to keep me from feeling lethargic, but all other sides should be kept to a minimum.

What kind of gains would one expect from running 300mg a week of test with say 50-60mg anavar ed or like 50-100mg tbol. I really just want to gain a solid 8lbs, harden up, and get my bench in the 400s.
I know I am still pretty young, but ive wanted to do roids since I was like 16. I just was not like a lot of the dumbass kids my age who actually ran them as a teen because I did my hw and saw how bad that was. Anyways im 21, already made the purchase, and really dont have the self discipline to wait any
bro if you insist on doing least start slow maybe 250mgs of test with some cardarine/andarine and then do a full pct...then bridge...i know you will still do them but at least start slow IMO....
Well, there is pretty much to say. Before anything, don't take it as flaming, and consider my words as experience and knowledge, that are meant to get you the best results with minimum health problems.

First of all, you are pretty young for testosterone - keep in mind, that at this age approximately you are at your life-prime regarding testosterone levels. So you should rather use this situation, and go for SARMs and other "lighter" AAS. Lowering testosterone dosage is kinda pointless, because there is a certain dosage breaking point, which you gotta reach if you want real results. So lowering testosterone dosage will basically give you some sides, but barely any results.

Moreover, you said that you are about to have gyno, and already had issues with it. This means that you are prone to suffering it. In such case, if I were you, I would mostly go for non-aromatizing steroids, which will save you any kind of problems with gyno. Going for Anavar or Winstrol would be more logical in your situation.

All in all, you should rather go for SARMs first, and if you use AAS, go for non aromatizing steroids like Anavar, Winstrol, and Primobolan. Moreover, as far as I understand from your words, you are not really looking for bulking, and mostly you want to cut.

If your urge to use testosterone is just unsurpassable, I gotta tell you, that 500 mgs per week should be enough to see some results, and the best thing will be to use it alone - it is easier to deal with just one steroid when you are a novice.
Great advice and I wouldn't consider it flaming at all. One point I'd like to make for myself is that cardarine sketches me out because it might potentially cause cancer. I know I know the studies on it were conducted using ridiculous numbers, but I saw one 2013 study saying any dosage has cancer potential. All in all it has not been around that long and who really knows what the long term risk are. Lgd seems like the only viable sarm as far has seeing some good gains. However it shuts you down just the same, so not much benefit there. I know there is ostarine, but want something with a little bit more of a kick.

So lowering the test dosage would'nt be worth the suppression? Also this is making me think I should just run var the whole way through since it is really dry. I mean I know tbol is too, but var is very very dry. Plus I know it's mild. Really I am just trying to get competition ready in 6 weeks. I think I may have a chance of placing with some gear.

Also I know I am young, but shoot Arnold started juicing when he was 16. He still got tall and looks fairly healthy now. I mean nobody really knows his body other than himself, but my point is that shouldn't I be fairly okay with doing a cycle at 21?
I really think the powders I got were underdosed. I am wrapping up my cycle and am not impressed. I actually went from tbol to using diabolix because I had a bottle i wanted to kill. The test had to have been bunk though.
I really think the powders I got were underdosed. I am wrapping up my cycle and am not impressed. I actually went from tbol to using diabolix because I had a bottle i wanted to kill. The test had to have been bunk though.

Sorry you gotta deal with that man. I would advice putting a review directly in the source review section on this source. Make it known for everyone.
I will do exactly that. I mean lesson learned it is such a crap shoot with the internet. Especially anything from china. QR was said to be legit here, but then I saw on some other threads people were getting absolute bunk or one person's stuff turned out to be 50% pure. Now whether that was competition bashing the company or not, idk, but from my experience I would not be surprised. Somewhat scary not knowing what I was injecting into my body for like 8 weeks.
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