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Approved Log Cycle Blast: Testosterone, NPP, DHB, Anadrol, insulin cycle Log

If you're puking from rice and chicken then yeah definitely change things up that's not good unless the chicken was not cooked properly
I usually bbq my chicken and definitely it was cooked. Tbh I sometimes think it’s my body rejecting certain foods after a while. For 9 weeks constant majority of meals have been rice rice.

I do have a question brothers. I want to change one meal of rice to something else like wheat bread as my body digest bread real good.

Today digesting has gone better and now I’ve upped my fibre as requested by you guys thank you.
Also next Friday I will be doing full bloods including test levels/estro/prog/prolactin and everything. As im coming to the end of this cycle In a few weeks.

I’ll be cruising at 200mg test and igf1 lr3
Also with this cruise I want to drop down one meal except on low carb days just to give my digestion a bit of a break and also lower protein and carbs a little bit as I don’t want to put on any unwanted fat.

One last question, should I run the anti e till last injection of blast and stop it at cruise?
it could be the barbecue sauce as well
do you think that's what caused it
always make sure you overcook chicken
good chance you can get salmonella
if the chickens were well cared for
good chance they spread disease
throwing up is not good
make sure you get back what you lost
make sure you get in some electrolytes
try not to sweat for the next day
Yeah you definitely right.

I have psyllium husk and I should take more of it tbh. Digestive enzymes I’m using Aswel but I need to buy probiotics.

Thanks for this cause atleast I can get ontop of it.
@Snayaz do all 3 for 1 week you'll see a huge difference
you have psyllium HUSK or powder? they work different
I got metimucil powder I’m going to pick up some probiotic on my lunch break from pharmacy aswel.
@Snayaz metamucil is good but get raw psyllium husk powder try that, it doesnt taste good but will de-bloat you in a few days
Yea you’re right man. Change up the diet and give your body a break
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