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Cyclehelp looking at my 6th cycle!

I wouldn't recommend extending it. HPTA recovery starts to get much harder after five weeks. Recover, and then start your next cycle with a plan. What is your current body fat percentage?
I'm almost finishing up a 12wk cycle of Deca/Test.I was doing 400/500wk. I ran out of test250 and I was sent sust250 instead of what I ordered anyway. I have one week left and I was thining about extending this out.I have plenty of test250 now and deca. I was thining of switching to EQ and test. I have 2 bottles of eq right now.I've gotten great gains from this put on almost 30lbs. The question is should I stop and let receptors clean up a bit and then start another cycle or just keep going? I want to lean up a bit more kinda holdin some water from the deca. This is the longest cycle I've done. It my 6th cycle I'm 6' 263lbs my diet is clean any suggetions?

1) Don't
2) Grammar and spell check before posting.
3) What's your body-fat?
Yeah honestly lengthening the cycle can only cause issues down the road. Look to just execute the cycle perfectly before looking to add extra weeks!
you should never exceed 12 weeks, i don't care what anyone says IF you want to protect your HPTA health long term.

those that say run it longer that is fine, that is their opinion. but notice all of them are on TRT before they are even 50 for a reason

i always tell my clients 10 weeks just to be safe. who cares if you leave gains on the table.
No to extending cycle.

At 6' 263 pounds you are either a freaking monster or you are carrying a fair amount of bodyfat.

You would be much better served to start your PCT after 12 weeks, recover and lean out, then start your next cycle. You cant put 30 pounds of muscle on a lot of that is going to be fat and water.

Time off = cycle length + PCT so you are looking at a good 4-5 months unless you run bloods and you are back to pre-cycle levels sooner.
Gains plateau anyway. And yeh anything over 12 weeks would be for trt, permanent blast/cruisers.
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