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Did I hit my bench press target or not... see inside


Yes I f'kin did lol
Screenshot_20230526-125833_Video Player.jpg

Not only did I hit my target of 180kg/396lbs but I hit this 185kg/407lbs as well.

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wow that is a lot of weight

that guy spotting you is trustworthy? lol
maybe need 3 guys his size ha

Oh he's a mini-monster. He's done 30 x 1 with 200kg/440lbs in deadlifts in a session just recently as well as having a 275kg single. He's also competed in bodybuilding while struggling with Chrons. David Mark Williams. He's also a go to guy if you want a lift spotted or judged. Another fella, also a Williams, not training at the gym locally just now, was a competitor, judge and even owned his own UGL back in the day.

To be fair my spotters rarely have to do much actual work.
nice man. some people spend a lifetime trying to get 2 plates, 3 plates is a great accomplishment. 4 plates is something most will never come close to

I saw a great meme recently which reminded lifters that the percentage who can do 100kg (2 plates) is TINY. Like less than 1% of gym users. And like .00067% in the WORLD. Just to let you know that lifters shouldn't feel too bad when comparing themselves to others.

This is good for ME. That's all that it means
bros mobster is the truth
that's a big boy bench press
Mobster always impressive
Mobster is da BEAST! Good job big fella!
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