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Do AAS make your penis smaller


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Hey guys as you can tell by my question I'm a rookie when it comes to roids, I'm trying to read as much as I can before running a cycle, I'm 26 years old and most people say that is the right age to start a cycle, one of my biggest doubts is if AAS affect the size of your penis as they do with your testicles and also if erections are weaker while using steroids, thank you.
Yes I lose 1/2" every cycle. Wife's starting to get pissed after my 10th cycle......

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No just your testicles will shrink and it is temporary. While they are not being used to produce testosterone. Once you run pct and recover so will your balls. Your question about erection really depends what you are taking and making sure you have proper supports in place. If you run just test then your erection will be rock solid and a lot of the time.

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This is like the 3rd Thread on, "Do AAS shrink your Penis", in like the last couple of months.

Is there a Site or something claiming this.

Because if there is, It's Total Horseshit.

While you will occasionally experience Testicular Atrophy, this usually only occurs with a Longer Cycle.

And it's only Temporary, and there's things you can do to help relieve it..................... JP
Yes I lose 1/2" every cycle. Wife's starting to get pissed after my 10th cycle......

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Yea dude. I'm dealing with the same thing. Then I found Proviron and I'm hung like a mule.

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i used to be friends with lets just say "whore"

she was adament that steroids shrunk penises. her reasoning was every muscular dude she fucked who was over 6 feet tall had a tiny dick. in actuality they simply built muscle to compensate for something else. some dudes do it for that reason, others do it cause they are short in height, others cause they were bullied as kids.. could be a lot of factors but i do believe that is how this myth came about

I also think that many guys use steroids and suffer 'limp dick' or 'deca dick' because they abuse steroids and/or don't use the proper ancillaries.. example is proviron should ALWAYS be used with deca or you are likely to get deca dick... where they can't get or mantain an erection so chicks think they shrink the penis.

bottom line is MOST guys out there have absolutely no clue how to cycle steroids and no clue how to run a proper post cycle therapy. thats why they hop on TRT so young and are using viagra/cialis, drugs invented for 80 year olds. no 30 year old should need to mess with those drugs give me a break. no wonder chicks think steroids shrink dicks!
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Steroids will not effect the size of your penis. Steroids will decrease the size of your testicles while on them. It isn't really a huge issue though because if you run a proper PCT after your cycle, your testicle size will return to normal.

When you take steroids, your body senses an abnormally high amount of steroid hormones in the body and stops produce its own as a result. Your body basically goes "wow there is way too high of an amount of steroid hormones in the body, we need to stop producing our own". Your testicles shrink as a result.

It isn't overly serious because your natural testosterone production will restart after your cycle if you follow a proper PCT protocol. Follow the perfect PCT protocol after your steroid cycle and you have nothing to worry about ->
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