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Do any vendors have tes undecanoate? Going away on holidays for 5 weeks


Proficient Brother
Going away for 5 weeks over seas so I really need some Long Esther’s to try carry me through

Can’t risk bringing anything this time as I got busted last trip and I’m still on bail..

I’m blasting ugloz tes e and deca at the moment 🔥 fuck he’s a legend

Looking for some tes undeconate to hit over next few weeks try load up and try to keep something in my system while I’m away

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how I should manage 5 weeks nattty I am all ears .

I was gonna just bring some nolva with me
We sell it but we don't have stock currently.

It can be tough to find. Can't think of any other vendors who sell it from the top of my head atm
If worst case you can always take some dbol,10 mg per day is sufficient to mimic endogenous and provides estrogen conversion.get an antibiotic or vitamin bottle and take them,or just throw them in your pocket.
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