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Does hgh shut you down


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Hi guys I would like to run a cycle of hgh and I was wondering if it shuts you down like regular AAS, in case it does do you take the regular drugs that you take when you cycle, like nolva, arimidex and hcg, thank you for your help.
HGH does not suppress testosterone levels in any way. There is no need to run a PCT or support supplements when using HGH, or after using HGH.

If you are just using HGH, you do not need nolvadex, arimidex etc.

Do ALOT of research before ordering HGH from any source. 99% of the HGH on the market is fake or brutally under dosed. I have tested HGH from multiple different sources and they were all crap.

Until I find a source that I know I can trust 100%, I recommend the HGH analogue nutrobal instead ->

Nutrobal is an HGH analogue. What that means is that it signals the pituitary gland to increase HGH output. I would say it's equivalent to about 3-4IU of pharmacy grade HGH per day. It is by far the best legal alternative to HGH. It doesnt require injections which is also nice. You would use nutrobal the exact same way you would use HGH.

You can order it from They are the approved SARMS source of the board.
HGH will indeed suppress to a certain extent your natural production of GH, but it will not affect the natural production of testosterone or any other hormone. This is why I like Nutrobal more than HGH - it will stimulate natural Gh production, so there will be no suppression.

Anyhow, you need to make sure that you are getting the real HGH, because there are a lot of fakes, where they will sell you HCG instead of HGH. This is another reason why Nutrobal is better - it is less faked, so you can have an easier time finding it.
it suppresses natural GH yes

your body will not put out more GH if it notices you have too much.. that is why you should use GH at times of the day you don't normally spit out GH like around your workouts
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