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Does Masteron Propionate make you pee excessively at night?


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I have never used Masteron before, I recently started using it 450mg/week.

Last night I visited the toilet like 5 times. I went to sleep at 205lbs and woke up at 198lbs. Alright, I drank coffee in the evening, but still...'s likely having an anti-estrogen effect on your body.... which is making you shed water weight...this is my guess without knowing much about the rest of your cycle.
I've read of things like this happening but I am skeptical. you said you dropped 6 pounds.. that would mean after 10 days you would lose 60 pounds? not going to happen. bottom line is this was probably a one time thing and it won't keep happening and the more you drink the more you will pee, just make sure you are replacing your electrolytes
Masteron makes me piss at night like no other..

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Just losing water. Have no worries, at a certain point of time you will stop losing the water, and piss less.
Drink plenty of water and take a patasium supplament and get ready too enjoy a shredded physique if your lean enough if your not lean enough the masteron is a waist
Masteron has a slight diuretic property in a lot of people. That is why it's often incorporated in pre-contest cycles to help achieve a dry/grainy look. It's normal.

Make sure you are drinking enough water when on masteron (5-6L per day MINIMUM) and taking in sufficient electrolytes - think sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
Idk if it's the combination of running high dose arimidex or masteron (im prepping for a show) but i piss allll night. I lose like 4-5lbs overnight its crazy.
Its a combination of factors yes the mast and arimidex plus carbs store water im guessing your carbs are low in show prep also alot of water is stored subcu in your fat cells im guessing your bodyfat is pretty low now also too curb diet hunger your drinking alot of water and your food is super clean so sodium is low .if you feel flat or notice a lpss of vascularity eat oatmeal with salt sounds gross but it will fill you back out without screwing your diet just make it fit your carbs
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